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2Ϫ .. Ϫ 2Ϫ Ϫ (a) CH3N .. H , (b) :CH2O , (c) CH3O , (d) none, (e) H2C: , (f ) H2CϭCH . The bases in (b) and (e) are super tough to shape; from a realistic standpoint CH3O− and H3C:− haven't any conjugate bases. challenge three. forty six. Are any of the subsequent elements amphoteric? (a) H2O, (b) NH3, (c) NHϩ4, (d) ClϪ, (e) HCOϪ , three (f ) HF. (a) convinced, offers H3Oϩ and OHϪ. (b) convinced, provides NHϩ4 and H2N−. (c) No, can't settle for Hϩ. (d) No, can't donate Hϩ. (e) sure, provides H2CO3 (CO2 ϩ H2O) and CO2Ϫ . (f ) certain, offers H2Fϩ and FϪ. three challenge three. forty seven Account for the truth that acetic acid, CH3COOH, is a far better acid in water than in methanol, CH3OH. The equilibrium lies extra to the best than does This distinction might consequence if CH3OH have been a weaker base than H2O. even though, this may no longer be the case. the numerous distinction arises from solvation of the ions. Water solvates ions greater than does methanol; therefore, the equilibrium is shifted extra towards the perfect to shape ions which are solvated by way of water. challenge three. forty eight check with Fig. three. 7, the enthalpy diagram for the response A B. (a) What do states 1, 2, and three signify? (b) Is the response exothermic or endothermic? (c) that is the rate-determining step, A 2 or 2 B? (d) Can substance 2 ever be remoted from the combination? (e) What represents the activation enthalpy of the general response A B? (f ) Is step A 2 reversible? (a) 1 and three are transition states; 2 is an intermediate. (b) because the total product, B, is at reduce power than reactant, A, the response is exothermic. (c) The rate-determining step is the single with the better enthalpy of activation, 2 B. (d) definite. The activation enthalpy wanted for two to get via transition kingdom three might be so excessive that 2 is strong adequate to be remoted. (e) The ΔH‡ is represented by means of the variation in enthalpy among A, the reactant, and the better transition kingdom, three. (f ) The ΔH‡ for two A is lower than the ΔH‡ for two B; accordingly, 2 returns to A extra simply than it is going directly to B. The step A 2 is quick and reversible. three 1 A 2 Enthalpy B response growth determine three. 7 CHAPTER CHAPTER4 four Alkanes four. 1 Definition Alkanes are open-chain (acyclic) hydrocarbons constituting the homologous sequence with the final formulation CnH2nϩ2 the place n is an integer. they've got basically unmarried bonds and for this reason are acknowledged to be saturated. challenge four. 1 (a) Use the superscripts 1, 2, three, and so forth to point the various forms of an identical H atoms in propane, CH3CH2CH3. (b) exchange considered one of every one type of H by means of a CH3 team. (c) what number isomers of butane, C4H10, exist? (a) (b) (c) : n-butane and isobutane. challenge four. 2 (a) Use the superscripts 1, 2, three, four, and so forth, to point different forms of similar H’s in (1) n-butane and (2) isobutane. (b) substitute one in all each one form of H within the butanes via a CH3. (c) supply the variety of isomers of pentane, C5H12. 50 51 bankruptcy four Alkanes (b) (c) 3: n-pentane, isopentane, and neopentane. Sigma-bonded C’s can rotate in regards to the C ⎯ C bond, and for this reason, a series of singly bonded C’s may be prepared in any zigzag form (conformation).

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