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By J. S. Weiner

For many years the is still of fossils present in Piltdown, England have been believed to come back from a "missing link," a creature with a human skull and an ape's jaw. Dr. Weiner exhibits how he came across the reality approximately those is still, and went directly to divulge one of many world's maximum clinical frauds.

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E. Le Gros Clark, F. R. S. , and Sir Gavin de Beer, F. R. S. , and participants in their clinical staffs within the division of Anatomy, Oxford, and the British Museum (Natural historical past) respectively, i've got bought a lot tips, suggestion and encouragement. Dr. Kenneth Oakley, of the British Museum, whose pioneer researches have cleared up, along with Piltdown guy, different striking difficulties within the fossil checklist, has aided me in innumerable methods. My debt to him may be transparent from the narrative. a lot of the $64000 facts I owe to the kindness and curiosity of Mr. W. N. Edwards, Keeper of Geology, who with nice persistence and perspicacity up the knowledge which was once provided to him after November 1953. lots of my inquiries have been enormously furthered by way of the passion of my colleagues Mr. Geoffrey Harrison, Lecturer in actual Anthropology within the collage of Liverpool, and Dr. D. F. Roberts, college Demonstrator in actual Anthropology at Oxford. xvi PREFACE For technical and old details i'm indebted to Mr. J. E. Manwaring Baines, Curator of the general public Museum, Hastings, Mr. Clifford Musgrave, Director, artwork Gallery and Museum, Brighton, Mr. N. E. S. Norris, Curator, Sussex Archaeological Society, and Mr. L. V. Grinsell, Head of the dep. of Archaeology, urban Museum, Bristol. Mr. R. L. Downes, of the school of trade, Birmingham college, has aided me significantly in reference to Sussex ironwork and kindred concerns of which he's creating a precise learn. for info and the answering of particular inquiries i'm indebted enormously to Sir Arthur Keith, F. R. S. , Professor Teilhard de Chardin, girl Smith Woodward, Mr. L. F. Salzman, F. S. A. , Captain man St. Barbe, omit Mabel Kenward, Mr. A. P. Pollard, Mr. E. J. and Mrs. Olivia Lake, Mr. M. A. C. Hinton, F. R. S. , Mrs. S. A. Woodhead and Dr. L. S. F. Woodhead, M. B. E. , Mr. F. H. Edmunds, Mr. F. W. Thomas, the Rev. Canon Sir Percy Maryon-Wilson, Bt. , Mr. R. S. Essex, Mr. F. W. Steer, F. S. A. , Mrs. Sonia Cole, the Rev. S. G. Brade-Birks, F. S. A. , Mr. P. S. Spokes, F. S. A. , Mrs. and the past due Mr. E. Clarke of Lewes, significant G. Wade, of Farnham, Mr. A. J. Smith of Leamington Spa, Dr. H. Hensel of the college of Heidelberg, Professor L. C. Eiseley of the collage of Pennsylvania, Dr. Patrick C. J. Nicholl of Lewes, Mr. Edward Yates, F. S. A. , Dr. E. I. White, Professor H. H. Swinnerton; the Editor of the Sussex show and County Herald', Mr. Charles Gerrard; Messrs. Hampton & Sons Ltd. , St. James's, London. For permission to breed the Piltdown portrait and different fabric of their ownership I show my gratitude to the Geological Society of London. I convey my nice gratitude for the secretarial paintings to overlook B. Essex-Lewis and Mrs. D. 40, and for the images to PREFACE xvii Mr. E Blackwell of the dep. of Human Anatomy, Oxford, and Mr. C. Horton of the British Museum (Natural History). ultimately, for plenty of beneficial feedback i'm deeply indebted to my spouse and to my associates John and persistence Bradford. J. S. W. October 1954 be aware to moment impact One vital correction in simple terms, on web page 168, appears to be like during this moment effect.

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